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Browse through these FAQ's to seek answers to commonly raised questions about our business and products. If you don't find your answer bellow, contact us and we'll do our best to provide it.

  • What fabrics do you offer?
    We specialize in woven fabrics, made in our finest vintage rapier looms. Fabrics are from upcycled fibers from post-industrial and post-consumer sources. All fabrics are 100% natural fibers (cotton), with the exception of post-consumer upcycled fabrics, which are cotton-rich, but may contain other fibers, and each batch varies in composition and color.
  • What is your fabric MOQ?
    3000 yards
  • Can I order swatches?
    Our swatch books are complementary. In order to order one, please fill out the Contact Form with request on which type of fabric you are looking for, together with your Contact Details & Shipping Information: Contact Name, Contact Phone number, Company name, Shipping Address, Courier Account Name & Courier Account Number as well as Billing Information.
  • Custom Orders
    Custom orders are subject to minimum yardage requirements. Orders for custom fabrics require a non-refundable 100% advance payment, are non-cancelable and non-returnable. MOQ for sampling of new qualities is 200 yards.
  • What yarns do you offer?
    We offer open-end yarns (from a 4/1 Ne. up to a 28/1 Ne.) mainly from upcycled cotton derived from post-industrial waste. Please feel free to contact us to request and review our Yarn Catalogue and Yarn Color Chart.
  • What is the Yarn MOQ?
    5000 lbs per color. This quantity can be broken down into various yarn titles.
  • Are you shipping internationally?
    International shipping is currently available for bulk orders (MOQ and above).
  • Natural & Upcycled Fibers
    Irregularities in hue and texture are integral to the character of textiles utilizing upcycled & natural fibers; as such, color matches cannot be guaranteed.
  • Color Matching
    Color variations may occur among production lots.
  • Testing
    Commonly required textile test information is listed on sampling. Certified results are available upon request.
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